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I used to HATE weekends...

I used to HATE weekends...

October 28, 2018

I used to hate weekends.

IN.SANE. right?

When my first born was 18 months old, I got a job in retail, working to get us any extra $$ to cover the bills.

And while I loved the socializing with the staff side of it (I miss that now!) Working for a giant corporation did not feed my soul.
I'd have a dreaded feeling in my stomach start the night before. I'd start a count down in my head... "Oh! 13 hours until I have to work..." 😪 Sometimes I would really have to psych myself up to go. Sometimes, there were tears in the drive to work (one of the managers was horrible, when I was pregnant with my second)

It was not healthy at all. Something had to change. It fueled me to put my head down and work my butt off, so I could become self employed. The day I realized that I was making more money working for myself, then working there was a pretty happy day! Quitting was SO satisfying!

And do you know what? I've never dreaded a day where I've had to work since. I don't go to sleep on a Friday night with a dreaded countdown of how long till I have to work. I actually go to bed excited, thinking "Yes! Can't wait to start ______'s commission artwork tomorrow! Wonder how the colours will react!"

Honestly, I'm SOOOO grateful that I've found what I love, and that you lovely people support me. It's the best feeling!